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5 Tools To Use For Monitoring Social Media Effectively

5 Tools To Use For Monitoring Social Media Effectively

Social media, as the name suggests is the new fancy medium for people to socialize and interact in this world influenced by the internet. Brands are leveraging social media to increase their visibility and reach amongst the audience. With the presence of social media, brands are no longer confined to geographical boundaries.

Social media is one of the most critical parts of any brand’s marketing strategy. Seeing your following increase is just a part of the whole strategy. Businesses spend a good sum of money, time, and resources on building content to get the most out of their chosen social media platforms.

However, it is not only about updating the audience about your brand or counting the likes that you get for your post or tweet. It is about building an audience, getting leads, and converting them into potential customers.

To convert these strangers into friends ensuring engagement is crucial for the brands. Along with creating engaging content, brands need to have social media conversations, listen to what the audience has to say about the brand, competitors, or the market in common, and use that data to build a more solid strategy. Doing this continuously and maintaining consistency is only going to reap the benefits.

Keeping a track of every conversation, account, brand mention, keyword, relevant hashtags, etc. is critical yet time-consuming. Brands find it counterproductive to keep doing this activity as it diverts the focus from other important things. Social media monitoring tools will help your brand stay organized and ensure productivity.

Every business needs to measure the data that they gather to know whether their campaign was successful or not. Read this article further if you are planning to adopt social media monitoring tools to increase efficiency and effectiveness.

What is social media monitoring?

Social media monitoring is keeping a tab on and collecting information relevant to your business. Information like brand mentions, competitor mentions, relevant hashtags, general industry trends, etc. might be important for your business.

Monitoring your social media helps you keep a track of your brand awareness and know the reach of your brand voice. Analyzing this data will help you get actionable insights and measure the ROI of your marketing campaign to help you make informed decisions. Measuring this data will also help you understand the output of your social media expert or team and review them accordingly.

5 Best Social Media Monitoring Tools


Buffer is a social media engagement tool for brands to grow their audience by publishing and analyzing their content. On this tool, you can visually plan and schedule your social media campaigns. All the campaigns together can be coordinated, measured, and reported for their performance. You can engage by replying to the most important comments faster to gain the trust of your audience and eventually building a stronger community online for your brand. Other features include planning stories in advance, adding a first comment, location, hashtags, or user tags on the planned posts, and allows you to optimize your shoppable page. The tool enables you to get in-depth insights into your content by analyzing the key performance indicators. The tool has a 14-day free trial, post which you can access their basic free plan or select one of their paid plans.



If you want to know what content works and is absorbed by your audience, BuzzSumo is the tool for you. The tool helps explore high-performing content so that you can increase your brand’s social engagement. With its content research feature, it scans billions of data points to help you get meaningful insights and create content that will succeed. It also enables you to keep a tab on websites linking to key domains and competitors’ sites to strengthen your marketing strategy. An added feature of the tool is to identify the right influencers in your niche to make your campaign more powerful. Lastly, its monitoring feature lets you track comments and trends so that you can respond quickly to leverage more opportunities. The tool has a 30 days free trial, after which you can select any of their pricing plans that suits your brand’s needs.



Used by organizations like Google, Amazon, and LinkedIn, Keyhole is a hashtag analytics tool. It helps measure your hashtag’s performance, and prove all your social media campaign’s impact and ROI. You can get real-time data from Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook on all the hashtags you’re tracking. It also helps you measure and analyze influencers’ impact by seeing their engagement data and allows you to compare them. If you want any last-minute historical data for your previous campaigns, this tool comes in handy. You can create client-ready reports to share with them. It also enables you to share your campaign’s live dashboard with colleagues or clients to show them the results. It is a paid tool with the option of a free trial on registering.


Fanbooster by Traject

A tool to simplify your day-to-day social media management responsibilities, Fanbooster helps businesses schedule their posts, monitor mentions, and report on engagement. You can publish across various multiple platforms for hundreds of clients together. It helps deliver value and engage with the audience on time. Especially for agencies, it helps manage multiple platforms and multiple clients. You can collaborate with various clients and customize your content review workflow for seamless and faster results. You can design a schedule in advance by keeping in mind the client’s priority. Monitor engagement of your audience by keeping a tab on DMs, comments, shares, etc. Lastly, you can automate reports for all your KPIs and highlight the improvements needed. You can access its free trial and request a demo before selecting which paid plan is best for you.



A digital consumer intelligence platform, Brandwatch helps brands gain reliable insights from all the conversations happening online. It helps you get to know new consumer trends and react to them faster to gain an advantage. You can follow all the conversations happening online, that has either your product, brand, or competitor’s mentions. By figuring out the gap and leveraging on the opportunities you can make smart decisions and grow your business. You can monitor your brand online and build a data-driven culture for it. By gaining the unique insights from the results generated you can take a lead and turn any crisis beneficial for you. The tool helps increase your ROI with better results.



The list of social media monitoring tools is not limited to the ones mentioned in this article. Find the ones that suit the requirements of your brand and help you optimize your marketing strategy. Some key points to consider when selecting a tool are:

  • Features
  • User-friendliness
  • Multi-channel usage
  • Scope of marketing tools
  • Pricing policy

Consumers and brands have their presence online and are already interacting on social media. Maximum engagement eventually leads to increased sales. Therefore, social media monitoring is essential for all brands. The tools listed here will help you evaluate your strategy and make your campaign more effective. We hope that you make the most of the data you gather with these tools and have a positive ROI for all your campaigns.

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