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7 Types of Content Writing

7 Types Of Content Writing

Hey there! This article is about the various types of content writing, and what skill to employ in what type of content writing.

But first, let us see what you mean by content writing. Let’s break the two words – Content and Writing. Content is basically information and something that has to be expressed towards the audience.

Writing is the present continuous tense of write…… Okay okay, writing is jotting down your thoughts with the help of various alphabets, symbols, and even numbers. So, there it is – Content writing is the jotting down of your organized thoughts and information and directing it towards the audience.

In today’s world, you can find content writing on every online digital marketing site. Be it social platforms, blogs, Quora, etc.

So, let us now move on with our main topic – Types of Content Writing.

Web content

This includes the about us, the home page, the contact page, and so on. This is the most basic of content writing as it doesn’t include a lot of comprehensive research and detailed writing. This is the foundation for any website. It can include the content in text form, audio form, or visual form.

A major factor that determines the popularity of any web content is SEO (i.e. search engine optimization) keywords. These keywords help you to find the certain site that you have been looking for. Keywords play an important role in finding the perfect site.

Without this, the audience or the readers won’t be able to find your website. So, remember to keep these things in mind before cooking up your website and posting good quality web content. SEO keywords need to be skilfully placed in between the content in order for them to be grammatically correct. SEO content writing comes in handy here. A good content writing course will help you in this.

Social Media

Nowadays, one can’t even imagine life without social media presence. Companies in today’s world carry out marketing on social media due to its wide reach. Platforms like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat earn a lot of money through advertisements and promotions. Companies demand a social media presence for growth.

This is however not the main marketing strategy and more of a supporting shoulder to growing businesses. But it is a huge support to start-ups and emerging businesses. Social media can play an important role for such businesses. Most of the content writing done on social media platforms is written informally, rather than being professional and formal. This is done in order to attract the young generation and slangers.

There are various methods that can be used here. For e.g. copywriting, communication writing, and creative writing.


This right here is what separates normal content from that special content. Blogs are informative online content and provide the reader with the majority of the information. Blogs are a huge part of online content writing in today’s world. Every website publishes blogs in order to attract more readership. SEO keywords play an important role in blogs too. If used correctly, blogs can be a website’s road to fame.

Like web content, blogs need to take care of the SEO to be recognized. According to a survey, websites with good blogs – both quality and quantity, have a huge readership lead over websites that do not post blogs regularly. Blogs help generate revenue through advertisement networks.

There are a few methods that can be implemented in order to get a good quality blog, like – communication writing, SEO content writing, research and report writing, creative writing, and even ghostwriting.

Brand Journalism

Looking to cover interviews, brand stories, customer stories, press releases, or company bios? Well, brand journalism is the definite way to go. This is not a very popular type of content writing for the general people, or they might know this as a different name. Brand journalism is carried out by brand journalists and these people are known to be great at carrying the brand and are good at telling stories, they are extroverted, and they always have positive energy around them.

Brand journalists are great at attracting readers and people with their creativeness and highly compelling writing. They will definitely help in generating a higher revenue through their content.

The various methods that can be used in brand journalism are – business writing, communication writing, marketing writing, and feature-writing.

Expert copy

Once a company is all set up and has a good amount of customers or audience, they require an expert copy. For such expert copies, they may hire highly experienced copywriters. In order to rule over their competitors, a company needs to know exactly what their customers and audience want. An expert writer knows the change in tastes and preferences and is up to date with the market.

With the correct expert, the company can cast and maintain a spell on their customers and keep them enchanted. This type of content writing also drags in a new base of customers. The skills required here are of course copywriting, creative writing, research and report writing, and marketing writing. This is one of the most important types of content writing.

Technical writing

This type of content writing includes a lot of technical jargon and a lot of knowledge about the technology. From how to build it, how to use it, what are its functions, and how does it work. The work of a technical writer is to make all the technical content easier and more readable for the general public.

Technical writers generally write content concerned with instructions, guides, how-tos, and even frequently asked questions. The methods used here are research and report writing, communication writing, and SEO content writing.


This type of content writing is used majorly in multi-media companies or websites. Scriptwriters play a very important role here, as the design, the timing, the spatial factors, the words used, and so on are up to his/her will. With the right amount of words and visualization (for the websites), podcasts, and such features, the website can really take off.

Scriptwriters are amazing at portraying stories in a very artistic and creative manner. The skills required for scriptwriting are creative writing, communication writing, and marketing writing.


So, these were the major types of content writing. I hope you enjoyed reading my article. There are a lot of content writing courses that you can attend. I would personally prefer the content writing course at The Thought Tree. Amazing stuff really.

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