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Top 5 Content Creation Hacks That Convert Readers Into Buyers

Top 5 Content Creation Hacks That Convert Readers Into Buyers

Businesses often struggle to attract leads that turn to sales. Creating great content hacks requires an understanding of the needs of your audience. It requires creativity and skills to produce compelling content that satisfied the users.
Apart from creating quality content, you also need to design ways of ensuring that your target audience knows about the content’s existence.

This article gives a detailed analysis of tip five content creation hacks that convert readers to buyers.

Guest Blogging

Guest blogging is concerned with creating content for websites in a given industry. The idea is to provide useful information for those websites and attract their audience. Many companies have reaped the benefits of getting more leads and boosting sales through this approach.

For guest blogging to be effective, you need to know about writing SEO content. SEO writing is all about creating content in the form of a blog or an article to rank highly in search engines.

Guest blogging endeavors can lead to an influx of users to a website. As visitors land on your website, the company can get featured on authority sites and there can be more compelling articles on the blogs to attract new users. You can ultimately increase the number of blogs where content about your successes and challenges can be shared.

This growth hack can be effective as it can help increase the number of subscribers tremendously and increase your social media fans. You can guest blog through some selected forums. Focus on finding questions about the topics you have covered in your blog. This may guide you in creating a brief but quality content that answers the users’ questions.

Guest blogging aims to attract leads and automatically address any questions that users may have. It is important to include a link to the blog you have created as this can provide elaborate answers to user’s questions. This can allow you to attract targeted traffic to your website and boost domain authority.

Guest blogging can also enable you to increase brand credibility and awareness and build relationships with other stakeholders in your industry. Featuring guest posts can help deliver fresh content and new perspectives to your audience, thereby keeping them engaged. You can receive more boosts when your guest bloggers share the content with their network.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is a powerful way of converting readers to buyers. Sometimes, a customer can visit your website and, in the process of buying, abandon the products in the cart. Through the web data and the products that the customers wanted to buy, you can get personalized data and develop customized content. This is referred to as retargeting.

Through retargeting, you can send the customer an email giving them some alternative products they can consider buying. If you already have an array of information about the customer, you can deeply personalize the content and compel the customer to come back.

Emails are said to have a higher engagement rate than social media. Many web users enjoy reading emails from a content creator they prefer. Be sure to send an email to your web visitors when you create new content. When writing email marketing copy, be structured and ensure that your paragraphs are brief. Ensure that every paragraph has a highlight of the main idea.

Avoid multiple exclamation marks and caps in the subject line of the main body of your email. Overusing exclamation marks may make your message sound spammy and this may hurt the open rate.

Another important issue to consider when writing an email marketing copy is that you must know your audience. The message should address their needs and this may be a great way to increase conversions. When you understand your audience, it makes you write content that can make them want to click.

If you want your readers to click;

  1. Be real and let your message sound as if you are having a dialogue with a person next to you.
  2. More importantly, be careful when selecting words. If you want to compel your readers through the email content, use analogies and send copies with sensory words.
  3. Avoid generic marketing and identify at least one thing that you want to achieve through the email.

Careful Selection of Topics

It is important to write about a blog that has been proven to convert because your main goal is to produce valuable content. Write around subjects that can convert your readers to royal consumers.

One of the most effective ways of selecting the content well is by outsourcing content writing tasks. Start by looking at your blog and identify the most popular posts, that is, those that are widely shared on social media or those with most readers’ interactions. Compile a list of such posts. Google analytics can also enable you to identify more valuable subjects that can engage your readers.

You can streamline your research by looking at what your competitors are doing and reviewing their most popular content. Avoid creating a topic the same day you want to write about it. Instead, plan for it in advance by jotting down all the possible ideas. Cut down on quantity and focus on the quality of the ideas.

Once you have a list of blogs and ideas, you can convert them into valuable materials for your audience. Your content will only work if it is well-structured and formatted. For optimal results, develop a click-worthy headline, that is, a title that can compel someone to click and read.

You should also craft an eye-catching introduction that can make your reader want to complete reading the content. The message’s body must complement its title and include quality visuals such as graphics, infographics, and screenshots.

Personalize your post to a specific audience and create a strong conclusion. Don’t forget to include a call-to-action where you tell your readers about the steps they should take to benefit from the content.

Blog Compatibility with Social Media

Social media is important in content marketing. When businesses respond to users and customers through social media, some of those customers end up buying the products. When sharing your posts through social media, ensure proper implementation of the open grid to allow your photos to appear on the posts. Any post without an image may not be impactful.

You can lose many leads by neglecting images on your post. A post without an image may appear vague. An image enhances the clarity of the message and grabs the readers’ attention at a glance. Always avoid sharing posts without links. The purpose of social media sharing is to attract more audiences to your website and turn them into customers.

Before sharing anything on social media, optimize your profile. The profile must have a means through which customers can contact you, shop, subscribe to your newsletter, and more. Your contact details must be available. Ensure that you can effectively handle customer inquiries through email, messenger, phone, or any other means.

To get more leads through social media posts, create clickable and compelling content because people compete for attention. Since your goal is to convert readers to buyers, the content copy and images must be sharp and creative.

Each social media post must have a clear link and a call-to-action. Clickable options may include tagging products in your social media shop or shoppable Instagram stories and posts.

Use user-friendly and relevant landing pages. If a user expects to find a particular product after clicking on a given link, that product must be there. Without proper correspondence, someone may close a window or lose track of whatever they had clicked. A good landing page is scannable and as clear as possible.

Social lead ads are also a powerful way of boosting lead collection, especially after exhausting organic leads. You can also offer incentives so that people have a reason to share information. Some of the most effective incentives include discount codes, contests, and gated content. A little personalization of your offer can improve the quality of leads.

Create Scannable Content

The content structure plays an important role in how the message will efficiently impact your readers. It can also compel your readers to hang around your blog as they explore other relevant materials or leave. You don’t want your web visitors to leave the page immediately they log in.

Scannable content is one that is brief and to the point. Such content is attractive to the readers because it has short sentences and paragraphs that can enable them to quickly scan through the article. Writers use bullets, subtitles, bold, and italics to highlight the most important points.

Creating scannable content is important because consumers looking for information online tend to scan or move through the pages quickly. It helps to draw the attention of the users to specific areas and attract them to your content. Many content marketers and bloggers overlook this aspect. Thus, applying it can allow you to convert your readers to buyers.

Perhaps you may be wondering what makes content scannable. Scannable content has a captivating headline, including a keyword emphasis. This arouses readers’ curiosity and this can make them click and read.

Using subheadings helps to break up posts and make them easy to read and scannable. Another content marketing and blogging practice are to use short paragraphs and sentences. Images can also be appealing to readers because they can grab their attention. Use appropriate images to convey intentions and thoughts because many people learn better with visuals.

Most readers are busy with short attention spans. They go online to check for products and services quickly. They recognize that reading is time-consuming and are not interested in detailed and unstructured content. If readers can have an idea of what your content is all about by skimming it, they will know whether they want to engage with you further or not.


There is no doubt that converting readers to buyers is not easy. However, you can simplify it by following the above hacks. Whether through guest blogging, email marketing, topic selection, creating scannable content, or social media postings, conversions can take time but the results may be amazing.

Top brands have used these hacks successfully and you can implement them in your business as well.

Author Bio

Rosa Hemming is a professional content writing expert from the United States working for college paper writing services. She has been doing thesis and dissertation work for a leading professional essay writing service and has gained a reputation for delivering high-quality work. She blogs as well in movies and serials niche. Her blogs are mostly about lists of the best films divided by genre and different moods.

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