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Create a Video Intro that Will Make your Work Noticed

Create A Video Intro That Will Make Your Work Noticed

Now that you are here, we can safely assume that you have considered starting or improving your video marketing strategy. If you have already incorporated video into your marketing plan, then you know that simply creating a video doesn’t complete the job. You want the audience to watch the full video.

Video content is known to have significantly higher success rates than other forms of content. However, one has to make quality video content to reap the benefits to the fullest. If the audience is struggling to watch for more than a few seconds of the video, you need to enhance the video quality.

Video introduction plays a pivotal role for viewers in deciding whether they will continue watching the video or not. This makes it crucial to have a compelling intro to encourage your viewers to stay till the end. In this guide, we will tell you how to create a video intro that will get you noticed:

What is an Intro video?

Every user that has clicked on your video has seen your intro. It is the first thing your viewer sees in your video. Generally, an intro starts with the title screen, a short teaser to the video, or a voiceover to tell viewers what the video will be all about. All these three are great options for intros.

It is important to remember that your video intro should hook your audience. Video intros are the equivalent of your brand’s first impression on your customers. They will associate with the feelings fostered by your intro to your brand. This can sound daunting. However, if you use it in your favor, this can boost your company’s growth.

Why Should You Have a Video Intro?

Before you shoot any video, you should know the purpose behind shooting the video. Similarly, you need to know the purpose of investing time in creating a good video intro. Let’s see why the video intro is an important part of your video – 

Video Intros Hook Viewers

Many factors play a role in the audience’s decision to watch a video. The title of the video, thumbnail, channel, and intros are the primary variables. One must create them by paying attention to detail.

On YouTube, the best video content platform, a new feature has been released. You can get a sneak peek at the first few seconds of a video if your mouse hovers over the video. This increases the weightage of intros for YouTube users.

Video Intros Allow Viewers to Identify Your Videos

Many social media influencers use this tactic to stand apart from their competitors. A simple signature intro has changed the game for their careers. Your brand can also benefit from this. 

Video intros should incorporate all unique components of your brand. That is, it should have your title, logo, and color palette, and should remind viewers of the brand. This will play a significant role in the viewer’s brain. Now, if they happen to see a similar color palette or your brand’s signature style elsewhere, they will be immediately reminded of you.

You want to have the perfect amount of special effects in your intro. Having tons of special effects can unnecessarily lengthen your intro as well. The most effective intros are generally for 5 to 8 seconds. Keeping this range in mind, one should edit his or her intro videos with the help of a video intro maker. It will help you save a lot of time and create the perfect video intro that you need. It will showcase to the viewers everything they need to know about your product/service and business by keeping in mind setting the tone for your brand and the rest of your content.

How to Create an Enchanting Video Intro?

Now that you know why a video intro is important, you can now start creating intro videos using the best video intro maker tool to achieve the goals you have set. However, to make the intro stand out, here are some things you should keep in mind:

Do Not Get Carried Away

When editing your intro with full concentration, it can be easy to get caught up in the process. You want to curate the best possible intro with cool animations and transitions, but often it tends to be too much. Viewers might get overwhelmed by the number of things happening in your video intro. This will discourage them from continuing to watch your video.

Straight to the Point

Videos in general should be short. Video intros are not any different. When creating a video intro, ensure that it remains succinct.

Many video content creators tend to add soothing music to complement their intros at the start of the video. But viewers aren’t on the video to appreciate your music taste. This is why you want to dive straight into the juicy content.

Make it Unique

When creating a video intro, you want to make it unique, especially visually. Many social media platforms autoplay videos for users. This is beneficial for creators as it allows them to reel the audience in. However, auto-playing videos are often on mute. This is why it is of utmost importance to make videos visually appealing.

To create a visually compelling video, many editors choose to mute their devices when editing. This allows their focus to be only on the visual aspect of the video, rather than on the audio aspect of it.

On the intro video, you would want to add your logo somewhere too. This will make it easier for newer viewers to learn to identify your intros.

What Should Your Video Intro Have?

You might still be a bit wary of what your video intros should look like. There are a few things that enhance the quality of video intros. It is not crucial to insert all of them, however, the most effective video intros have these in common:

  • A Sneak Peek at the Video: A cumulation of the most entertaining bits of the video
  • Logo: Your video intro should have your logo on the corner of the screen and use colors within your color palettes.
  • Self-Introduction: A short introduction to let your audience know why they should listen to you
  • The Objective of the Video: Lay down the objective of your video. This is especially effective for tutorial videos.

Bottom line

Incorporating one or more of the above points in your video intro can boost the performance of your video. As your viewer base grows, you will find yourself making minor modifications to your intro. However, when enhancing it, always ask yourself, how can I make it more concise?

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