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Create Custom Facebook Group URL

Create Custom Facebook Group URL

Custom Facebook Group URLs are very easy for your group members to remember, even you, but lots of people don’t know or forgot about it, in this post we’ll learn how to customize FB group URL

Benefits of Custom Facebook group URL

  • Reinforce what your group is about
  • Helps in SEO
  • Easy to remember

1- Access your Group Settings

How to Create Custom URL for Facebook Group

Visit your Facebook group page then click on the Edit Group Setting button after clicks on [… More] button.

2- Find and click on “Customize Address” Button

How to Create Custom URL for Facebook Group

After accessing a Facebook group setting page find the Web Address section and click on the ‘Customise Address’ button

3- Set your custom group URL in a pop-up window

How to Create Custom URL for Facebook Group

When you click on the customize address button then the pop-up window will open and now you can add your desired Facebook Group URL  and hit the ‘Customise Address’ button.


  • Minimum URL length is 5 Characters
  • You can only use the alphanumeric character (A-Z and 0-9) and dot(.).
  • You can only select custom URL if your desired URL is available, Just like Facebook page URL or other URL’s.
  • After reaching 5000 members you may not able to change it again.

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