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Indispensable Elements of an Online Store

Indispensable Elements Of An Online Store

Your online store must have some elements that make it attractive to your future customers.

Optimizing a site and making it easy for users to navigate and find what they are looking for will make the difference between your competitors.

The components of the pages vary according to the product you sell, the image of your brand, as well as many other factors that should always be present.

With them, you guarantee that your clients have an unforgettable experience when using your site.

Do not forget that your virtual store is similar to a physical store, so the order and presentation define the first impression on the customer’s part.

Important Elements of an Online Store

Let’s see below those basic elements that, when entering your store, the customer should see immediately.

Product Catalog

Something that without a doubt should be placed in view of the user in your online store is the catalog of your products, which serves as your cover letter.

Depending on the style of your online store, it should have most of your products available. His character can range from fun and creative to serious and professional.

The selection here must be done very carefully, you should follow the theme same as your store. It will never hurt if the product is accompanied by a technical sheet, a photograph, or even a video.

Menu with Categories

Your product catalog will be more complete if you classify it by categories (especially if you have a wide variety of products to offer).

In this way, you facilitate the search for your customers and you can highlight what you are most interested in selling.

Shopping Cart

One of the main elements is a “dynamic” shopping cart, as it makes it easier for customers to control their purchases.

This allows modification of any chosen product without having to go to a different page for it.

It is important to have a shopping cart visible and accessible to manipulate at any time.

Payment Methods for your Online Store

Every online store must have on its website information about the payment options that can be used when making the purchase.

This factor is linked to the confidence with which customers choose the payment method and with which they feel best.


Some potential customers will enter your site looking for something specific and for that, the search engine of your online store must work correctly.

Finding a product easily and quickly, just by typing a few keywords to find the product you want, will make life easy for your customer.

It is advisable that the search engine is visible and implemented as simply as possible to allow advanced searches. Also, if the search does not give results, it is best to show recommendations.

Contact Page

To run your business successfully, remember that customer service is important. That is why a contact page cannot be missing in your online store.

Giving your future customers the opportunity to contact you to solve their doubts about a product, the purchase process, or the shipping, is essential.

Do not forget that accessibility and usability must always be present: if your store is present on social networks, include them in this section, so customers can contact you by the means that is most comfortable and reliable for them.

Corporate Information of your Online Store

It is worth noting that this section on your site generates tranquility and transparency for customers since no one makes the purchase without knowing who is behind the process.

Among the important corporate information that must be visible in addition to who we are, mission and vision is the privacy and information policy of where they are located.

User Registration

In most online stores, it requires the customers to register as users before they can make a purchase. If your site has this mechanism, make sure that registration is simple.

Request the precise data to carry out the transaction and the shipment, remember that a complex record can be synonymous with the abandonment of the purchase.

As already mentioned in the previous items, the call to action for the record must be visible.

Consider that these elements can be included all or in parts, but they are essential so that the environment that your store demonstrates is one of satisfaction for your current and potential customers.

Do not forget that one of the main premises that your online store must meet is to have excellent customer service.

Products Photo and Descriptions

One way to earn the trust of your online store visitors is to have professional-looking product photos and profit-oriented product descriptions.

The idea is that the photo attracts leads and that the product descriptions finish convincing your visitors to click the “add to cart” button and make a purchase.

Frequently asked questions and customer service

Do you often get emails from potential customers asking specific questions about your products or store policies?

One of the best ways to save time is to have your visitors have a FAQ section and customer service sections on your website.


A sharp and meaningful logo is a business card for online stores.

When it comes to shopping online, an identifiable logo is a reassuring symbol and an item of trust for the business or organization.

The most popular brands can afford to create an online store with a fashion home page with minimal features.

You can use a popular logo or mascot, sharp and attractive images or videos, and a “Buy” button to match such designs.

Offers and promotions

People usually decide almost instantly whether they like a website or not.

That is why you must grab their interest in a matter of seconds on their entry to the site; otherwise, they will only find some other store with a more attractive home page.

Nothing attracts better and faster than flawless page load times and shopping deals.

Many people lose their minds during sales and more so if they are discounted and buy almost anything at reduced prices just because it is for sale.

Everyone is interested in some kind of promotion. Attractive promises and exclusive prices motivate visitors to spend, spend and spend.

So it only makes sense to place such eye-catching banners that include discount offers right at the top of an online store’s home page.

Errors to avoid in your online store

Not having a marketing plan

If you’ve chosen the wrong niche or if your products cost too much to make a decent profit, your store could go downhill.

Driving traffic to your website is extremely crucial for your business to grow and succeed. But you would be surprised by the number of people who forget Marketing completely and decide to “fly” once they go.

You can’t launch a profitable store unless you have the traffic strategy in place.

It doesn’t matter if you’ve found the perfect niche or the perfect product, if no one can find your store, then you’re in big trouble.

There are several different ways in which you can drive traffic to your online store. For example, you can use Google Adwords, Google Shopping, and comparison shopping engines.

Have no logo

A logo is generally the first thing a visitor sees and one of the first impressions of your online store.

Most, if not all, eCommerce tools will display your store title in the standard text if you don’t upload a logo.

So why are so many people launching stores without logos?

Usually, it’s because most people still think that to get a logo done, they need to find a designer and spend a lot of money.

There are many options available now for creating a free or inexpensive logo, so there’s no reason why your store shouldn’t have a creative logo.

No business or contact section

Many store owners end up underestimating the sales potential of their “About” page.

Take a look at your own analysis and you will likely find that your “About” page is the second most visited page or the first three.

Therefore, you can guess how important this page is to the visitors.

Even though this is one of the most important pages for your visitors, many new online marketers tend to skimp on this page. Do not do it.

Some of the biggest mistakes that business can go about making on their About and Contact pages are:

No story

Who exactly are you? How did your store come to be? What is the history of your products? How are they made?

You don’t need to create an elaborate story, with a few paragraphs that store visitors can relate to is hugely beneficial.

No location details

Yes, you are an online store, but that does not mean that people do not search for an address.

Many visitors still want to know where your products are located and where they come from.

For many visitors, it is just a matter of trust, for others it is just that they want to know if they need to consider customs and duties if their products are shipped from another country.

Using a generic email address:  What does that say to customers?

Take the time to set up a proper domain name ( and set up the proper email addresses so your customers know you’re on it.

Not thinking of an SEO strategy

Probably the most common problem with new online stores is not doing any SEO or not doing it correctly.

It may not be that difficult, but you cannot call it easy either.

Coupled with the fact that SEO can take a while to show any signs of success and it ends up being a complete complement to most new online businesses.

The thing is, SEO is quite necessary and can be one of your most powerful tools, as it can serve to drive targeted traffic to your site, day after day.

Unlike channels like Facebook and Google Adwords that stop delivering traffic the second you stop paying.

Can you list the 10 keywords you’re trying to target for the long haul now? If you can’t, now is the time to think of an SEO and keyword strategy.

Not optimizing your website for conversions

Even if you are doing everything else correctly and driving traffic to your website, you will not achieve anything unless your site is optimized for conversions.

Here are some circuit breakers that can prevent customers from making a purchase from your online store.

  • Your website is too slow: Statistics show that customers are much more likely to leave your site if the load time is longer than 4 seconds.
  • There are no clear CTAs: Every page on your site should have a clear goal. Customers need you to guide them to purchase.
  • Your website lacks credibility: Is your site missing key pieces of information that customers are looking for?


Your online store is a very important element of your digital marketing strategy.

Try to work on it to exploit all the potential it has to offer.

An optimized online store will have what it takes to attract users and generate more conversions.

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Vikram Rana

He is a Marketing Manager at LiftnGift and has served as the Head of Conversion Marketing at Planet Web Solution. He’s an expert in inbound marketing and lead generation.

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