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SEO Planning and Important Internet Marketing Strategies

SEO Planning And Important Internet Marketing Strategies

Like so many businesses do, the worst thing possible is to jump into an online SEO campaign with first having a strategy in place. There is little difference between search engine optimization and traditional internet marketing. Portions of your digital marketing strategy must be implemented before you embark on your SEO journey. Of course, dependent upon what it is, it can turn your SEO and overall marketing efforts into a money-wasting nightmare!

Identifying Your Objectives

One of the most common, fundamental problems that most companies fall victim to is that they begin their SEO or search engine optimization campaign without a clear understanding of the road ahead and what they are looking to achieve. Use this very simple set of questions below as a guideline for yourself and also the SEO company you employ when creating your SEO strategy. You are not expected to know all the answers but if your SEO company are true experts they can research it for you and come back with the answers:

* What is your ideal, perfect visitor to your website?

* Where on the internet does your perfect visitor/s life?

* Which are the ideal long-tail keywords for your online business?

* Who are your most aggressive competitors?

* Who will be managing the key responsibilities and project management?

* Which is the best keyword research tool?

* How can we track our SEO efforts?

* What is your method of SEO Reporting?

Create Unique, Compelling SEO Friendly Content Before You Go Live With Your Website

It is always a good idea to sit down and discuss your website and its objectives with a professional copywriter so you can deliver a powerful message on each page. Ask your copywriter if they have experience with optimizing their content for SEO. If they are unsure or reluctant to advise then consider another copywriter, alternatively you can ask your SEO company if they provide the service of optimizing your content for SEO. 

Make Sure The Search Engines Are Indexing Your Content

Once you have created this wealth of unique SEO content for your website, it’s essential that the search engines can find it on your website and index it accordingly. You can have the most amazing content, but if the search engines are not indexing it, you might as well have not even published it. Here are some very basic tips to help your SEO content to get indexed by the search engines:

  • Your navigation bar must be text buttons, not images
  • Create text links in your content pointing to other pages (inter-linking)
  • Create an XML sitemap and publish it regularly to Google
  • Link deeply into your content pages

One way Backlinks Means Captivating Content

If you are looking to get your hands on those prize-plated one-way backlinks then listen very carefully. You may very well have a website that sells a product or service, but you will not get a quality, one-way backlink by sending visitors to a buy now button. Use your blog to consistently publish fun, unique and captivating messages or posts about your industry that encourages people to read your writing and in turn feel obligated to link back to you and tell other people about your story. While submitting your website to online directories by the thousands and also becoming active in online communities is important for credibility, you can’t beat good old-fashioned blog posting for those all-important one-way backlinks!

Make Your Success Highly Visible, But NEVER Lie

Every company regardless of whether you are a product or service provider has stories of success or client testimonials as they are better known. Be sure to place your testimonials right in the face of your website visitors so they can understand your achievements and thus give you credibility. BUT never forge a success and present a picture to your clients that are not true. The internet is a very horrible place when consumers find out the truth, you can be tarnished forever, banished to the black hole of internet marketing failure!

The Unknown Wealth Of Creating An Email Database

The secret phase 2 agenda behind managing a flourishing online business is your ability to capture the name and email address of your visitors. Not everybody that visits your site might be ready to purchase or use your services today! But by creating and giving away a value-add product or service in return for their follow-up details is invaluable. Give away a product sample, DVD, or maybe even an e-book in an attempt to capture their details. You can then build a lasting relationship with your existing and potential clients that lasts long into the future and boosts your online sales and revenues by large amounts.


In the present scenario, no online business should miss the chance of growing organically with perfect strategies. It takes time – No doubt! But if it is done properly then the time invested can give you some awesome results. Go kill it with SEO and take your business to new heights. Happy SEO 🙂


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