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Top 7 Outdated Marketing Strategies to Get Rid Off

Top 7 Outdated Marketing Strategies To Get Rid Off

We are living in a 21st-century where everyone is internet-friendly and spends a lot of time surfing the web, social media or etc. This audience is very intelligent, and they have many options to test and compare products or services before making any purchase or decision.

As we know Marketing is the process of delivering the product/service information to potential customers via meaningful sense, feel touch or through verbal cum pictorial communication, And When you develop a marketing strategy, you need to take into account that your target market has more choices than ever. You have to adapt to a new style of marketing that is more authentic and more people-oriented. Traditional marketing includes placing advertisements in newspapers and magazines, radio commercials, telephone sales, emailing, and door-to-door sales.

These outdated marketing methods gave sure shot success in the past but they all have drawbacks like (Read here: Drawbacks of Traditional Marketing)  and with the rapid increase in Internet usage these techniques become Non-profitable.

Traditional practices are slowly losing their sheen and so here’s a short insight into what’s outdated and what’s in the market.

It’s time to stop using any of these outdated marketing tools in your modern-day business because they have long stopped bringing any results and could be potentially damaging to your brand.

Check out these old marketing techniques.

Cold Calling

I think Cold calling is one of the worst outdated marketing techniques/ways to get new clients in 2020. People are too smart to keep telemarketers at bay as Do Not Disturb (DND) option is provided by mobile phone networking companies. This blocks the marketing calls. It takes a lot many phone calls just to make a few sales, so it’s totally foolish on a company’s part to spend much money on cold calling. Also gathering and maintaining the call data is a tedious job.

And if you somehow overcome these hurdles, then it is very likely that your client disconnects your phone without listening to you.

Direct marketing

A lot of emphases were there earlier on direct marketing and it’s used by few companies today also. But the problem with it is that the company is unable to identify the target audience and so ends up promoting it in all sections and so the people lose interest thereby deduction in a sale. Also, people tend to run away from a salesman. Hence the loss tends to be more.

Billboard Advertising

Billboards are too costly to use in today’s age of Digital Marketing And hardly a small businessman can afford it. And by the way, nowadays most of the road hoardings are reserved for government advertisements, due to which there is also a shortage of space for billboards advertisement. Along with this, it can be dangerous for the people driving there to read billboards and drive the car/bike.

The Digital Marketing Agencies will help you to set up PPC Advertisements, develop an SEO and Social Media strategy, and much more.

Sending tons of mails

People receive a lot of emails daily(I myself receive more than 100 emails a day and delete more than 80% without looking, and maybe you too.). One may open them or just ignore them and so it’s almost impossible to objectively count the conversion rates. It’s always better to prepare a list from people who have already subscribed to a newsletter or service. If you continue sending emails to people who don’t have any interest or prior subscription to the company’s services, your emails will be marked as spam or dumped in Trash.

Blogging without Promotion

Blogging is a great idea. The companies spend a good amount of their marketing budget on writers who could write an awesome and engaging blog. But think, if someone isn’t able to reach that content then how do you think it will benefit you in any way. Blog marketing (content marketing) then becomes a top priority.

Read Here: How to Promote Blog/Content?

Fake testimonials

It is essential to offer third party credibility. People need to know someone they trust recommends you as well.

Don’t communicate with your audience

You must dump this habit, don’t just show them adverts. If you focus too much on selling, you won’t get very far. Open a dialogue with your audience and connect with them.


This post is my personal opinion, yes I agree that some tactics can still benefit your business to a great extent, but traditional marketing strategies have 3 biggest drawbacks,

  1. Lack of specific targetting
  2. Real-time reporting
  3. Marketers not able to predict actual ROI

These reasons are the biggest reasons, Due to which traditional marketing was replaced by digital marketing.

If you want to get more growth by changing your business with this changing world, then contact us today, we will help you in the digital transformation of your business.

Transform Your Business Online Today.

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