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How to Increase Instagram Followers without Paying for Ads?

How To Increase Instagram Followers Without Paying For Ads?

Your number of followers only shows your popularity on social media channels. Therefore it is very important to have followers on social media. No matter how good you put the content, if they are not able to reach the audience that is interested in your content, then your efforts are in vain. Until people know about your existence, how will they know that you are posting things of their interest? Until people get your content, how will you be popular, how will you increase Instagram followers organically?

So today we will tell you 8 points which will help you in increasing your followers;

8 Tips to Increase your Instagram Followers without Paying for Ads

1. Optimize your profile

When someone visits your Instagram profile, the first impression actually becomes very important, as it can decide whether it will follow you or not.

So, How to do it?

When you optimizing your profile implement these tips.

  • Choose a Quality Profile Photo That Reflects Your Branding
  • Include a Keyword With Your Name
  • Incorporate Target Keywords in Your Description
  • Add a CTA Before the Link to Your Blog or Latest Offer
  • Use Line Breaks, Emojis, and Custom Fonts to Fine-Tune Your Bio
  • Choose the Right Business Category
  • Add Contact Info
  • Choose Action Buttons

2. Follow the Trends

There are two things on social media, either you create a trend or follow the trend. Both are essential in their place, people will not be interested in seeing your blog if you do not follow the trend. Because people will see what they want to see. Or you can make your content so good that it becomes a trend.

Just make sure that you always add good ingredients.

3. Try to keep consistency in your post

Always try to keep consistency in your post. For example, if you post 2-3 pictures in a day and then become inactive for several days or weeks, it will downgrade your reach. Try to post every day on social media to increase your organic reach.

That is why always try to keep your posting consistent. For example: If your goal is to publish 4 posts in a week, then you can post each post with a gap of one day. So, you can see your followers active, and also you can increase the engagement and reach of your profile.

What is Organic Reach?

Organic reach is the reach that reaches the people without any paid advertisement or boost, but it is very limited. Every time you post, they become another opportunity to reach your audience. Each time you post strategically, your organic reach will increase continuously. With that, it will also maintain the interest of your followers.

4. Increase Your Post Frequency

Never let your followers forget you.

Increase the number of pictures you post. There is a lot of content in social media and if you want people to remember you, then you have to increase the number of posts in your account.

You must post regularly and that too in a decided time. When you continue this pattern for some time, your audience will get used to it. If your content is good, then gradually your audience will be excited to see your post at that time of day, and at the same time, your followers and reach will also increase.

5. Pay attention to the quality of your post

Sharing Poor and Low-Quality posts is a waste of time. No one likes to see them. Always make sure that you post the same pictures which are of good quality. Your profile needs visual appeal. People are visual beings and are naturally attracted to visually appealing things.

Try to have your profile follow a theme like a plan a color theme for the background of the pictures and use the same filter every time you post a picture on Instagram.

This creates consistency and coordination in your images and post, which has more impact on the audience. You can also show some different creativity in your post to make it stand out from the crowd. You can use tools/software like Canva, illustrator, photoshop to create your stunning post or you can also take the help of any Graphic Design Expert.

6. Use Relevant and Profitable Hashtags (Hashtag Research)

By using hashtags you can increase the organic reach of your Instagram post because by using them your post reaches more audience (who follow that Hashtag) and they can engage with your post, but before choosing hashtags, make sure that chosen hashtag is relevant to your niche, How much its popularity Is, and most important make sure It should not a Dead hashtag.

What is Dead hashtag?

It’s nothing but the hashtags that stop working, due to;

  • Lack of Use
  • Improper Use
  • Overuse
  • Sensitive Content
  • Presence of Bots

How to Identify Dead Hashtags?

Find your target hashtags and look at the first 10 posts in “Top” sections.

You will notice that these posts and others were posted before the last 3 months ago.

7. Communicate with Your Followers

Just posting on Instagram does not increase your followers, you should always check and reply to DMs, Messages,  reactions, and comments of your followers and if they have any problem then you should also solve it. This will strengthen the relationship between you and your followers and they will also help you to reach your content to maximum people.

8. Improve Your Networking Skills

It doesn’t matter where you go in the field, if you want to grow there, then you will like to keep in touch with such people having the same thought stream, working people who are from your Niche. Then whether it is business or job, your first goal will be to befriend those people.

Networking also works like this, on social media you will find many big and small influencers. You have to talk to them so that you can ask them to promote your new blog. If you keep a casual relation with them then they can help you. You promote their blog or they will help you. By doing this, you will also be able to target their followers. Therefore, give importance to the Influencer, small and big, and get in touch with everyone so that you can get your blog in front of maximum people.


You always have to keep in mind what content you are giving to people. These points will help you to get good reach and audience, but if your content is not worthy and helpful, then no one will like to see your post. Always try to add some value to your post/content that will make people aware, give some positive messages.

If any person is adding value in society then they are always appreciated by the people. So try to make the best use of it and follow the above points to increase that content and see how efficiently your followers grow.

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